Hans Blix to Tell Veterans’ Stories at Stockholm Peace and Security Summit

When Hans Blix is keynote speaking on the conference of the World Veterans Federation, the Peace and Security Summit, in Stockholm this May, he wants to help spread the stories of the veterans. "The public are not so familiar with what experiences the veterans have, and should listen to them," says Hans Blix.


Hans Blix, formerly head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is one of the keynote speakers at the World Veterans Federations conference Peace and Security Summit that is to be held in Stockholm in the end of May. Now he speaks for the first time about what made him decide to contribute to the conference.


  • The Peacekeepers have personal experience of how it was out in the field, and the public is not so familiar with that. So I think the veterans have a story to tell, says Hans Blix.


Hans Blix also talks about the Cold War being over and that we do ought to reduce the military expenses around the world, without neglecting the importance of peacekeeping operations.


  • "I'd like to point to the utility of peacekeeping operations and the veterans that are the group that ought to be better known in the world," says Hans Blix.

Watch the introduction video with Hans Blix >>


About the Peace & Security Summit 2013

The Peace & Security Summit 2013 is the world conference of the World Veterans Federation, WVF, which represents around 42 million veterans throughout the world. The Swedish Veterans Federation that is Sweden's representative in the WVF has been requested by the WVF to host the Peace & Security Summit 2013 in Stockholm in May 2013. The summit is being arranged with support from the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish National Police Board and the Folke Bernadotte Acadamy, among others.


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