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Photo: Kim Svensson
Photo: Kim Svensson


Veterans have experienced the horrors of war and have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. They deserve help, support and recognition from their society.

On the basis of this understanding, the Peace and Security Summit in Stockholm opened a new dimension in the discussion of veteran affairs. Veterans can give a lot to their societies having served under severe circumstances worldwide and demonstrated skills that can be of benefit to all parts of their societies. The Summit demands that the countries represented within the WVF and the international community exploit and make best use of these experiences and capabilities, which should come to bear to prevent the use of force, during conflict and thereafter. Veterans should also be involved to prevent ethnic crises and in support of integration processes within their societies. The message of the veterans, voiced individually, through their organisations or the WVF should be listened to in all crisis situations.

Stockholm May 30, 2013
Hamid Ibrahim President, WVF Hamid Ibrahim President, WVF

Welcome message from the President of the World Veterans Federation


It is our moral responsibility as veterans to promote international peace and security in line with one of the principal aims of the World Veterans Federation.


The WVF has been organizing a number of activities in the form of meetings and conferences to create awareness to the international community on the importance and the need for international peace and security. Since the year 2008, we have also been organizing the annual global "Veterans Walk for Peace" event in conjunction with the United Nations International Day of Peace.


It has however been some years since the WVF organized a forum specifically related to international peace and security. It was therefore appropriate and timely on our part to accept an invitation from the Swedish Veterans Federation to jointly host the WVF Peace and Security Summit in Stockholm, Sweden in May this year.


The object of the summit is to discuss how the veterans can contribute towards international peace and security. The findings of this summit will be communicated to all concerned especially the veterans and the entire international community.


The President of the Swedish Veterans Federation, Mr. Bo Wranker and the Vice President of the WVF, Mr. Dan-Viggo Bergtun together with their teams of helpers have devoted a lot of time and effort to make the summit a highly successful event. They have managed to secure the support and assistance from the Government of Sweden and its agencies and a number of non-governmental organizations. They have also managed to invite well known international personalities to present their views and to share their experience in the field of international peace and security.


I urge all members of the WVF to support this very important event by sending their representatives to the summit as participants. With your support, I am confident that it will be a very successful event.



Hamid Ibrahim

Bengt Wiktorsson, Chairman of the Planning Team Bengt Wiktorsson, Chairman of the Planning Team

Dear Fellow Veterans,

The first World Veterans Federations'Peace and Security Summit will be held in Stockholm on 28 - 31 May, 2013. The Swedish Veterans Federation is honored to have the opportunity to host this very important event.

We have formed a planning team with representatives from the Swedish agencies involved in peace support and humanitarian operations and are very pleased with the strong official support for the summit.

Invitations have been sent out to key-note speakers and we expect high level participation from senior experts.

The outcome of this Summit is very much dependant on your contribution. Therefore I would like to encourage your input with ideas on "How can veterans contribute to peace and security in society?". To that end your engagement will be the engine for fruitful discussions and hopefully it will lead to substantial conclusions and an agreement on the way ahead after the Summit.

lt is my great pleasure to welcome you to Stockholm for this new and important initiative on how to gain from the veterans experiences worldwide.


Yours sincerely,

Bengt Wiktorsson
Chairman of the Planning Team


Peace and Security Summit

Swedish Veterans Federation (SVF) was requested by the World Veterans Federation (WVF) to arrange the Peace and Security Summit 2013 (PSS13) in May 2013.


The Swedish Government in its appropriation directions for 2012 has tasked the Armed Forces together with SVF to conduct the World Veterans Federation's conference Peace & Security Summit in Sweden May 28-31 2013. The Swedish Armed forces HQ in turn has tasked Military Academy Karlberg to lead the Armed Forces' obligation to this conference.



The aim of PSS13 is to raise the status of veterans in society and to promote the well-being of veterans. Veteran's experiences can help society to develop, e.g. by integration policies.


The theme for PSS13 is: "How can veterans contribute to Peace and Security in Society?".


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