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Hans Blix, former head of the UN's Weapons Inspection Commission in Iraq, and Jan Egeland, European Director of Human Rights Watch, will be the main speakers at the World Veterans Federation's Peace & Security Summit in Stockholm in May. The theme for the summit is "How can veterans contribute to peace and security in society?".


Hans Blix has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a diplomat and politician and is well known for his work within the UN, among other things as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and as head of the UN's Weapons Inspection Commission. Jan Egeland is a Norwegian diplomat and European Director of the human rights organisation Human Rights Watch and has worked internationally for over 30 years within the areas of humanitarian aid, crisis and conflict resolution and human rights.


Veterans are also a major resource in society Blix and Egeland will contribute their unique and long-standing experiences of peacekeeping and humanitarian measures to the summit's theme and primary point of focus: "How can veterans contribute to peace and security in society?".


"Naturally we are extremely honoured that Hans Blix and Jan Egeland are choosing to attend and speak at the summit. Their presence is an indication of the fact that they see the existence of a potential in the veterans' experiences that should be utilised in a better fashion in society," says Bengt Wiktorsson, Chairman of the Board for the Swedish Veterans Federation.


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